How to Keep your Hot Tub Clean

How to Keep your Hot Tub Clean

When a person has one of the best inflatable hot tubs in their home they can enjoy some relaxation. They can sit and soak in the tub. It does not require any special installation and a person put it up wherever they have some free space.

Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

The maintenance of your hot tub it to ensure the pump runs smoothly and also to keep your spa clean, safe and hygienic.

Change the Water…

Every week or so it is a good idea to change the water over, putting in clean fresh water. This is good as it will prevent any algae or bacteria building up. Just attached the hose and drain away somewhere safe, perhaps into a flower bed.

How To Disinfect Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Whilst a hot tub can provide hours of fun, it is vital to keep hygiene at the top of your priority list. This is so you can remove the possibility of spreading germ or recreational water illnesses. Regardless of the size of your hot tub, cleanliness is paramount.

To ensure that the water is clean and properly treated it should be cleaned after each use and this should be done through disinfecting to ensure that any microorganisms present are killed off. Your hot tub will come with built in filters which will need changing, these help prevent dead flies and hair from building up and being pumped around your spa. These filters do need changing every couple of weeks, dependant on the manufacturers recommendation.

In order to clean your hot tub there are certain items required to carry out an efficient and thorough job. A large bucket, a hose, a soft brush or hose and chlorine-based liquid disinfectant will all help to get the job done.

The first stage is to drain the hot tub and this is vital because water that has remained in the tub for some time can cause recreational water illnesses. It may seem a waste and time consuming but ultimately it is worth it in the long run.

You can use a bucket and soapy water, or we recommend the Miracle Sponge Eraser Pad, a clever sponge from Clearwater that makes it easy to clean any build-up on the waterline as well as removing grease and grime. This sponge can be used with the hot tub full or water, or when emptied. With this sponge there is no need to use and clear detergents or cleaning chemicals. This is perfect if there is some dirt that you can clean up without having to drain the spa.

Now it is time to let the tub dry out for several hours and after this time inspect that it is dry before storing it away. This type of cleaning should be carried out regularly and it is a good habit to get into as it keeps diseases at bay ensuring that all those who use it do not become ill.


If there is just one thing you should do is keep your filters clean and change them every regularly. The filters will clog up with dirt and particles preventing them building up in the spa or the pump itself. You can take the filter out that comes with your lay-z-spa and wash it under the tap with water, it is also a good idea to change the filter too with anew one, the better you look after your hot tub the longer it will last.

To ensure that they work as they should they have to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that any debris is removed along with dirt and bacteria. If the filter is not cleaned regularly then it increases the possibility of it harbouring harmful elements that could cause long term damage to the hot tub which can impact your health.

Cleaning the filters also helps to keep costs down as it can save on having to purchase new filters. In order to clean the filters there are some required items such as a soft brush, a power washer, a bucket, chlorine bleach and a spare filter.

The process begins once all the necessary items have been assembled and it starts with turning off the power to the hot tub. Now locate the filter, in most instances it can be found located close to the sprayer on the inside of the tub. The dirty filer can be removed by lifting the cover and then pulling out the filter, quickly replacing it with the spare.

Check the filter and look for any debris that may be lodged in there such as hair and remove it with the soft brush. To remove the risk of damaging the filter, carefully brush downwards along the seam of the filter and then spray the filter the pressure washer, spraying both the inside and outside until the water runs clear. Once this is done you are now ready to replace the spare filter with the original filter.

The hot tub water needs to be kept clean and free of germs. There are inflatable hot tub chemicals that can be purchased to clean the water. These chemicals will not damage the inflatable hot tub in any way. They will not eat away at the material that the hot tub is made from.

How to Keep Grit, Dirt & Grass out of your Hot Tub

Depending on where your hot tub is located stepping outside may bring grit into your spa, even with flip flops on your feet may get grass, grit or stones stuck to them which you then bring into your hot tub.

The Happy Hot Tubs Foot Bath for Hot Tubs and Swimming Pools is a simple tray that you fill with water and place next to your spa. When you get in you step into the tray which is filled with water, removing any grit or grass, then you can get into the spa.

Foot baths

This prevents the stones and grit from being brought into the hot tub where it may damage the lining, collect at the bottom or in the pump. It also helps to keep the water clean and debris free.

With kids it is easy for them to keep hoping in and out of the spa and on a summers day they may not want to wear shoes or flip flops, so before getting in you can tell them just to jump in the foot bath tray and then get in. This is a simple routine that will help keep the hot tub clean and grit free.

The durable FootBath is designed to keep the grit out of your Hot Tub, measuring 55cm x 40cm x 9cm tall it comes in a deep blue colour and has a feet shape to it, at the bottom is a raised pattern that allows the grit to easily come off your foot and stay at the bottom of the tray.

The tray is priced at £12.99 which compared to a simple washing up bowl you could also use it isn’t cheap, however for kids it is great and they are more likely to use something like this, which in the long run will keep your hot tub cleaner and ensure it stays healthy.

Artificial Grass

Another clever way to keep your spa clean is to place it on some artificial grass. This will help prevent dirt and stones being passed into the spa when getting in, as it will get stuck and brush off on the grass, almost like a mat.

Buying a small roll is enough to create a nice area infant of the spa, or you could roll it all out and set up your hot tub on this.

Inflatable Hot Tub Chemicals

Lay-z-spa hot tubs are quick and easy to set up, and they are also quick and easy to maintain, and also relatively cheap too. It is important to check the water ensuring that there is no bacteria or old growing in there, by checking the water and adding the needed chemicals you can ensure your hot tub is safe for all the family.

The Clearwater Basic Spa Chemical Starter Set contains spa treatment & chemicals, it is compatible with the Lay Z Spa hot tub range. In the set are chlorine granules which help disinfect water as well as pH plus and pH minus that helps you retain the correct pH balance of your water.

Clearwater Lay-Z Spa Chemical Starter kit

This kit has everything a person needs to get the water of their hot tub clean. It contains all the chemicals that are needed to balance out pH levels and to remove germs. This kit contains 500g of chlorine granules, 500g of ph Plus, 700g pH minus, 500 ml foam remover, and 25 test strips to test the quality of the water with.

This kit has a complete guide so a person can learn with is acceptable levels for the water of their spa. This is everything that is essential to keep the spa water clean.

Other Chemical Kits

Portable Spa and Inflatable Hot Tub Chemical Kit – This is another great starter kit for those that have an inflatable hot tub. This hit comes with everything that is needed to check the water and to make sure it is clean. This kit includes chlorine granules, pH up, pH down, and even an alkalinity booster. This kit includes test strips so the water can be tested and a person will know exactly what they need to add to balance out the water.

Suds Inflatable Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit – This kit was designed for spa and inflatable hot tubs. This kit contains 500g of stabilized chlorine granules, 500g of pH plus, 500g of pH minus, and 500 ml of anti foam solution to remove the foamy buildup in the water. This kit also comes with 30 chlorine 3 in 1 test strips to find the levels of chlorine in the water to make sure there is enough to kill germs.

Happy Hot Tubs Aquablanc Basic 5 Park Starter Kit – This is another starter kit that was designed for inflatable hot tubs and inflatable spas. This starter kit is a little different than the other kits on the market. This kit does not contain chlorine. It uses a non chlorine active oxygen treatment to kill the germs and the bacteria in the water of the hot tub. This kit contains these tablets, a combination A liquid, test strips to test the quality of the water, and a complete care guide.

The kit even includes a floating dispenser so the tablets can float in the water and dissolve over time. This system should be used on a weekly basis to make sure the water of the inflatable hot tub stays clean. The circulation pump should be allowed to run when these chemicals are added. The non chlorine tablets will prevent bleaching of the inflatable hot tub. It also does not produce any byproducts that may be harmful to the skin, irritate the eyes, and cause a strong chemical odor. This kit will also help to remove algae and keep algae for forming in the water . Exact amounts of chemicals needed can be found in the guide.

Premier Blue Chlorine Bromine Floating Dispenser – This dispenser comes with 50 chlorine tablets. The tablets are put into the dispenser and they are allowed to float around the hot tub until they are completely dissolved. This will help keep the water clean and will provide cleaning power all week. Each of the chlorine tablets are 20 grams and a person should read the manual that comes with the kit to determine the correct amount for their hot tub. The amount of chlorine is fully adjustable so a person can use just the right amount of keep their inflatable hot tub clean and germ free.

These are just some kits that offer inflatable hot tub chemicals to keep the hot tub clean and keep debris from building up in the water. These chemicals will allow a person to enjoy their hot tub without having to worry about the buildup of germs or bacteria in the water.

Chlorine Tablets

Perfect for use with Lay-Z-Spas, helping keep your hot tub safe and hygienic. Fit perfectly in your lazy spa floater. For the disinfection of pools and spas.

We recommend the Clearwater 1kg Multifunction Mini Tablets.

If you have purchased an inflatable hot tub then there are a few things you will want to have stored ready to ensure your spa stays clean and healthy as well as running smoothly.

Test strips

These allow you to quickly and easily test your water and ensue it is at the correct pH level. You can buy 25 Test Strips for Lay Z Spa which you just use one at a time when needed.

Dip it into the water and it shall show the level on the dip sheet. You can then adjust the chlorine and ph balance if needed.

Floor Protector

Although not needed to maintain your hot tub, a Floor Protector is a good investment if your spa didn’t already come with one, it allows you to protect the base of your spa from any debris, stones or sharp edges on the ground where the spa may go.

As well as a protector it also helps insulate the base preventing cold from the ground dropping the temperature of the water.


Once set up you will just want to sit back and relax, so how about a pillow to rest your head on. Your can purchase a Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Pillow that securely connects to Miami, Vegas and Palm Springs Lay Z Spa’s.

There are a number of different available to purchase so that you can stock up, take a look at the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Platinum – Filters, Chemicals, Floor Protector, Test strips, or the Bestway Lay Z Spa Accessory Kit.

Got a Puncture?

If you think you have a leak and puncture than check out this repair kit here which will help fix your inflatable hot tub. Read our repair guide here.

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  1. Christina Kelley

    I have mold inside bubble ring, any suggestions on how to remove. It is a lay z
    Spa from Coleman …thank yiu

    • emma gallacher

      Did you know (because I didn’t lol) that you have to dry the inside of the spa by attaching the blower to it… Check the instructions manual. Pg20

      • Toots

        I never knew either, to be fair it’s not made very clear, wish I’d found this post earlier or re read the instructions! thank you I can pack it away tonight now! . I’ve had it stood up in my house for 4 days trying to dry it, each time I tried to fold it more water was appearing!

  2. Carl

    Is it safe to use liquid chlorine in lay z spa and how much shoud i use for 670 gallons

  3. Donna

    Hi, I’ve bought a Paris spa second-hand an whilst it all works and the surfaces are for a, there is mould inside the inflatable walls. These walls are transparent so it really shows. So…a few questions please; does the spa water circulate inside this inflatable area? If not how did it get wet? The manual says to use the pump to ‘blow dry’ the inflatable…what does that mean? Lastly, can the pump run without water then, as I know it was told not to on my Bestway pool pump?
    Hope someone can help…thanks, Donna

  4. Simon Henderson

    Keep getting error message E02 coming up,I have changed filter,drained spa and refilled it,checked pipes for kinks,back washed pump replaced filter housing,but still happens,we live in hard water area,the last time we used spa,two years ago it was ok

    • Ralph

      This happened to me constantly, but I soon solved it!

      Remove the filter/s and then run the filtration system for around 30 seconds or so – whilst it is still running, replace the filter/s.


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