Intex Portable Spa Hot Tub Reviews

We review the latest inflatable Portable Spa hot tubs from popular brand Intex including the Intex PureSpa Octagonal Jet which is new for 2015 and the popular Intex Pure Spa Deluxe. From filters, best deals and portable hot tubs, we have everything you need to know.

Intex PureSpa Octagonal Jet & Bubble Therapy Spa Review

Intex PureSpa Octagonal Jet Review New for 2015 from Intex is the Octagonal Jet & Bubble Therapy Spa hot tub, an Octagonal inflatable spa ideal for up to 4 people to enjoy. This hot tub has a  Built-in Electronic Hard Water Treatment System, comes with 4 fantastic  Massage Jets as well 120 Heated Bubble jets for everyone to enjoy. The […]

Intex Pure Spa Deluxe Inflatable 4 Person Portable Spa Hot Tub

Intex Pure Spa Deluxe Review The Intex Pure Spa portable hot tub is seen as one of the more luxurious models on the market. This spa comes with 75 bubbles and tons of features that offers an experience that is both comfortable and soothing. It is still extremely portable and nothing is lost there and it […]

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