Repairing an Inflatable Hot Tub

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As with anything that is inflatable there is always a risk of leaks. However, there is no need to panic as a leak can easily be dealt with at home using patches that are sale through most dealers.

Inflatable Hot Tub Repair Kit

Patches cost less which means that a repair can take place that is inexpensive but effective. The advice is to repair a leak as soon as it is spotted so that further damage is not caused.

To carry out the repair you will need water, a vinyl inflatable pool patch, spray bottles, soap and paper towel.

Best hot tub repair kits to buy:

With these items to hand it is time to locate the leak. To detect it easily, fill the spray bottle with water and a spoonful of liquid dish soap and shake it so that it mixes well. Spray the area until you come across the leak which can be detected through bubbles. Mark where the leak is and let all of the air out of the tub. Now dry the area using the paper towel so that the patch will fix into place.

There are many different patches that have different ways of being fitted so it is wise to read the manufacturers packaging first. A common way is to apply the adhesive onto the back of the patch and then stick it on the affected area. Give the patch and the adhesive a bit of time to stick before filling it back up with water but be mindful not to add too much pressure. Then spray the area you have repaired with the soapy solution to see if there are any bubbles. If there are no bubbles it is a job well done meaning that your hot tub is ready for you to use for some well deserved relaxation.


  1. Robert Case

    My blower is not working do you have repair people that come out to the house

    • kevin myles

      My inflatable hot tub is loosing air but can’t find where from, do you have an engineer that could attend a house call.

  2. Clydene Johnson

    My intex bubble tub seems to be leaking where the heating element bag comes into the tub! That’s where I see bubbles. My tub is empty now but I’m not sure how to get a patch in the crevice between the tub wall & heater bag! It would be better to put a bead of liquid patch around, but haven’t found any such product! Need help please!


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