Lay-Z-Spa Dimensions

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Lay-Z-Spa have a good range of inflatable hot tubs that come in a range of sizes and will hold anywhere from 2 adults all the way up to 8. When buying your spa it is important to make sure you have enough room to set up the jacuzzi in your desired location.

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Sizes

This table below shows the sizes of all the Lay-Z-Spa hot tub range.

Hot Tub / Inflated SizeWidthDepthHeightWater Capacity (80%)
MIAMI AIRJET180cm180cm66cm669Litres (177 Gallons)
VEGAS AIRJET196cm196cm61cm935L (247 Gallons)
SAINT TROPEZ AIRJET196cm196cm61cm935L (247 Gallons)
PALM SPRINGS AIRJET196cm196cm71cm916L (242 Gallons)
PARIS AIRJET196cm196cm66cm806L (213 Gallons)
HAWAII AIRJET180cm180cm71cm840L (222 Gallons)
SIENA AIRJET249cm149cm66cm509L (134 Gallons)
ST MORITZ AIRJET216cm216cm71cm1190L (314 Gallons)
MONACO AIRJET201cm201cm69cm1,453L (384 Gallons)
PALM SPRINGS HYDROJET196cm196cm71cm795L (210 Gallons)
HAWAII HYDROJET PRO180cm180cm71cm795L (210g Gallons)

Lay-Z-Spa Dimensions for

If you would like to find out more about these hot tubs and view there prices then click hot tub title below to find out more.

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