Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Review

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Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub
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  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • 90%

  • Ease of Set up
    Editor: 95%
  • Comfort
    Editor: 90%
  • Value
    Editor: 90%
  • Cost
    Editor: 88%

Summary: A popular choice when it comes to inflatable hot tubs and we can see why, great value, a great size and all for a very reasonable price point. No wonder it is the best seller on Amazon!

New for 2016: Check out the Lay-Z-Spa Paris which is new for 2016 and is an upgraded version of the Vegas spa with LED lights.

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Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Review

The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub at the time of writing was the most popular inflatable hot tub on Amazon and also The UK’s Bestselling Hot Tub of 2013. So we had to check out this top plug and play hot tub and see what all the fuss is about.

The Need to Know

Temp (℃)
Air Jets
Width (cm)

There are many different types of hot tubs available out there on the market and it can seem like it can be difficult to make a decision but the Lay-Z-Spa Vega Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub is a superb option.

This is a hot tub that is completely portable and fully inflatable meaning that it can be taken anywhere and set up quickly. Once the water is added, it will heat up to a very comfortable 40°C (104°F). The simplicity of setting this hot tub up is what makes it so good as it is not only easy but there are no tools required and included with the hot tub is a clip lid attachment.

This hot tub offers convenience, comfort and class at an exceptional price with set up only taking ten minutes. It can also hold 4 people making it great for families or garden parties. If you are looking for something a little more comfortable for 4 adults then we recommend checking out the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub which is slightly larger, allowing you a little bit more room and space to spread out in.

The instructions that come with it are clear and concise with enough detail to make the setting up of this hot tub a simple process. It is easy to maintain and simple to clean meaning that it doesn’t take a lot of work to look after it.

Lay-Z-Spa Vega Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

The image above shows how comfortable it is to get 4 people in this inflatable hot tub, and also the pump system that connect to the site. On top of this unit are the controls which set the temperature and turns the jets on and off creating a relaxing whirlpool.

It is built extremely well and is sturdy when inflated, filled with water and has people in it. The bottom of the pool is padded to make it more comfortable on the feet and the lid ensures which can be attached ensures that it remains clean from debris.

This is one of the best on the market and purchasing one will ensure that hours of fun are had by all. This model was featured on the UK TV programme ‘The Gadget Show’, Series 21, episode 12 in May 2015, and has also been reviewed on the ITV show Big Box Little Box.

Perfect for…

The mid-range Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub is the perfect size for families and couples. The Vegas spa will comfortably hold 4 adults making it ideal for kids and parents to enjoy at the same time. If it is just for you and your partner then this is a great spa if you have a bit more room then the smaller Miami hot tub, it is a bit more spacious and also allows you to invite some friends round to enjoy it too!

What’s included

As with most Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs it is easy to get up and running, it comes with a set up DVD, Maintenance Guide, 2 x Filter Cartridges which are easy to replace and a Chemical Floater.

The set up DVD that comes with the hot tub shows how easy it is to set up, most people can have it set up in their desired location in 10-15 minutes. It really is that simple. Once set up you can then fill it using a hose pipe, it you want to speed this up then you can also boil the kettle and fill it up this way too. Once filled to the marker, it can take up to 24 hours to heat it up with the pump. As mentioned if you are eager to jump in then you can add hot water to increase the temperature while it heats up to your desired temperature which you can set via the touch pad controls.

Product Specification

  • People Capacity: 4 Adults
  • Water Capacity (80%): 848 L (224 Gal)
  • Inflated Size: 196cm x 61cm (77″ x 24″)
  • Filled Weight: 1,100kg (2,426lb)
  • Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz, 2,050W at 20C, Class II
  • Actual Water Flow: 1,325L/h (350 Gal/h)
  • Max. Heat Capability: 40C (104F)
  • Certification: CE/GS approved
  • Box Dimensions: 1 Box at 84cm x 51cm x 63cm

This spa is a great feature for any garden and is really comfortable to relax in, here is our round up of the very good and the slightly bad depending on your personal preference.


  • Quick and easy to install - Set up in just 10 minutes, no tools required.
  • Portable - Easy to move if required be it indoors or out.
  • Massage - Comes with the Lay-Z-Massage Jet System
  • Protection - Comes with a easy to clip on lid when not in use.
  • Free delivery - Comes with Free delivery when bought through Amazon.


  • Temperature - Only reaches 40C, this is warm enough for most, however some people may wish it was warmer, really down to personal opinion and preference.


At the time of writing there have been over 100 reviews on and currently has a solid 4 star rating.

“Good price, quick delivery. Does everything it says on the tin. My kids love it and the chemicals are easy to manage once you get the hang of it. There have been a few evenings with friends where we have sat with a glass of wine enjoying the bubbles. It heats up really well overnight and gets really quite hot. I managed to set it up whilst my husband was at work which I was quite impressed with! Perfect.” – Amazon Customer 

“Amazing bought it for my mum and she cried she loves it and helps withy the pain in her back best thing I’ve ever bought” – Amazon Customer 

Bottom Line

The Lay-Z-Spa Vega Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub is a great choice, ideal for most households, it is a great size and very comfortable to relax in. It is great value even you use it for one month of the summer, and even better if you use it throughout the year. It is a great choice for the summer and a fair price, in honesty you won’t get years of life out of it, but even if it lasted 1-2 years you are getting your moneys worth when you think a large fixed spa can cost anywhere from £8,000.

As the number one best seller online at the time of writing we are not the only ones that think this make a great spa for your garden!

New for 2016: Check out the Lay-Z-Spa Paris which is new for 2016 and is an upgraded version of the Vegas.

Read our full Lay-Z-Spa Paris review here.


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