Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydro Jet Review

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydro Jet Review

For 2016 Lay-Z-Spa have taken inflatable hot tubs to a new level and have come up with the top end Palm Springs Hydro Jet inflatable hot tub. This Spa may look the same as others from this leading company but it boasts some great new features that take it to a new level.

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydro Jet is ideal for 4-6 adults, with a powerful pump it has a rapid Heating System that heats water up to a blissful 40 degrees Celsius.

The Need to Know

Temp (℃)
Adjustable Jets
Width (cm)


This new model includes lots of great new features, it has a newly designed pump system that has completely changed. It still sits on the outside of the spa and has carry handles built in to allow it to be moved into place. This pump connects to the inflated spa to allows the water to be cycled and heated, as well as pumping water into the 8 built in directional jets.

Check out the video below with a summary of all its features.

The pump itself has a flip up control panel that displays the temperature, and has buttons to allow you to adjust this up and down, turn the jets on and off as well as setting when the heating system switches on.

HydroJet Massage System
A brand new feature that stands out compared to theory inflatable hot tub models are the 8 Powerful Flow-Adjustable & Directional Water Jet Nozzles. These are the type of jets you would expect to see in a hotel fixed jacuzzi. They are powerful jets that are great on your back helping sooth any achy muscles.

40C° Rapid Heating System & Timer
The hot tub has a new heating system designed to quickly heat the water up to a very warm 40 degrees Celsius. Once filled with water for the first time the spa can take up to 12 hours to heat, however once up to temperature the heating system will maintain this temperature so that it is always ready to use.

Another new feature is the timer Controlled Heating Setting. It allows you to activate the heater to suit your schedule, fancy jumping in each evening after work at 7pm, then you can ensure the pump is on getting the spa up to your desired temperature ready for you to hop straight in.

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydro Jet Review 2016

ClearSoft Water Treatment System
The pump not only keeps the water up to temperature and powers the jets, it also helps tackle hard water and keeps it clean and safe. The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydro Jet has a new built in clear Soft Water Softening Treatment system that requires no maintenance, the system will tackle hard water in your spa and keep it safe and clear. There is a built-in Salt Chlorinator System where you just add in salt when needed. It is recommended that you also add Clearwater Chemicals to your spa as well and always testing the water before use.

Easy set up & no tools required… at all!
As with all inflatable hot tubs they are quick and easy to set up, taking no time at all and can be filled up within 15 minutes. As with all Lazy Spa hot tubs it comes with a helpful DVD guide that shows you how to set up, however you should be fine with just the instructions but it is there just in case. No tools or professionals are needed, everything you need is including and can be set up even if you are a DIY or flat pack novice.

Perfect for…

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydro Jet is one of the top of the range models from them and with all these new features it comes with a larger price tag. That being said the spa itself is fantastic and certainly worth the investment, if you are looking for something that is closer to the larger fixed traditional Jacuzzi then this is ideal and is certainly cheaper. The quality and new pump makes this a great mid range option in between other cheaper inflatable hot tubs and your more traditional hot tub spa.

It is ideal for families, couples and evening parties, it is a great hot tub and the built in directional jets make it feel more like a hotel spa.

What’s included

You get: Pump Unit; Hot Tub; Set Up DVD; Maintenance Guide; Filter Cartridge and a Chemical Floater

In the box you get the hot tub itself that is ready to inflate, as well as the large pump unit system that easily connects up. You also get a set up DVD that talks you through how to get your spa ready for use. It is very simple to set up and if you are unsure the DVD will help. There is a maintenance guide to ensure you keep the spa running well, clean and safe. Finally you get a filter cartridge and chemical floater which are all mentioned in the maintenance guide.

The Palm Springs Hydro Jet hot tub also comes with a cover that clips onto the spa when not in use, this is designed to help keep the heat in when not in use, while also stopping debris getting in as well as animals too.


Holds: 4-6 Adults
Water Capacity (80% full): 795L (210gal.)
Inflated Size: 196cm x 71cm (77″ x 28″)
Filled Weight: 1,245kg (2,744lb) approx.
Rating: 220-240V~50Hz, 2,050W at 20°C
Maximum Heat Capability: 40˚C (104˚F)
Certification: CE/EMC/GS approved
Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydro Jet Review 2016

Bottom Line

This is a fantastic hot tub that has some great features, it is also well designed and well built. This model is not cheap but it is a great mid range spa and still a lot cheap than a traditional fixed jacuzzi. If you want to invest in an inflatable hot tub then this is a great option, the powerful jets make it feel like you are in a hotel spa.

The only drawback is the price, it is a lot more than other inflatable hot tubs on the market, but that being said it is better and has new features, while still being a lot cheaper than a traditional jacuzzi.

It looks great, works great, and feels great when using it. If you want a fantastic spa for the summer then this is worth considering and certainly worth buying.

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  1. Sarah

    The Clearsoft system, does this mean you don’t need to use chemicals with this hot tub?

    • Hot Tub Reviewer

      There is a built-in Salt Chlorinator System where you just add some salt, it is recommended that you also add Clearwater Chemicals to your spa as well and always testing the water before use.

  2. Pete Croft

    I’m wondering just how tough is it?
    I think my German Shepherd would like to try it out………

    • Amy

      Table salt is NaCl and the built in salt chlorinator converts this in to the Chlorine needed to treat the water. Any excess Chlorine converts back to salt. You can use any salt from a supermarket (Co-op sell 750g fo 28p). Hope that helps

  3. lyn

    so do you just add the salt to the spa or is there a compartment where it needs to go? is the salt instead of using the chlorine crystals?? sorry i being a bit of a women..

    • lisa

      Hi, did you find out where to add the salt. Just bought one and wondering the sam thing :0

  4. Michelle brown

    Hi I have just purchased this hot tub and wondered if someone can help?
    I have never owned a pool or hot tub before and tbh I have no clue what I’m doing. I have set it all up and used it but I don’t really know how often to put chlorine in do I turn it off leave it on, if I leave it on how do I? I don’t really understand what the buttons all do. The instructions are good but I need a dummies guide to how to use a hot tub. I am turning it off when not using it atm but presuming I should be leaving something on. Also what is the salt chloride system and when and how do I turn that on? Sorry and thanks

    • Katerina

      Hi! I’m a novice too and would like to know how often I need to add salt, do I leave filter on all the time, is filter supposed to come on when you use hydro jets, when up to temperature and not in use do I switch the whole unit off?!! Any help appreciated!!!

  5. Ian Wright

    Are you able to have the heater and hydrojets on at the same time on the palm springs hydrojet??

  6. Kenneth

    I couldn’t find where to add salt either. Mine is model 54144 (Palm Springs)

  7. Mark

    For the palm springs that has the salt water chlorination system, i have read the instructions and gives advice as folows:
    Fill it up with fresh water and add 2kg of salt while cold and turn on the system so that water circulates, (do not turn on the salt water chlorination button at this point) Salt should be 99.9% pure (NaCI) once the salt has dissolved turn on the chlorination button to desired time 3, 5 or 8 hours. The system will start to work its magic
    test regularly to ensure it is within limits and use clearwater products where needed.
    2 x codes on the machine to look out for = E11 add more salt E10 = remove salt, pull plug and let 20% of water out, top up and retest
    i hope this helps, ive just used chlorine tablets so far but now going to try the salt option as it sounds better fro the skin

    • Lisa Erga

      Can you take a pic of these buttons you mention as I don’t have them on my palm springs hydro spa, ie what does the chlorination button look like? what icon is on it? I may be mistaking it for another button. I only have bubbles, heating, temperature up and down. I don’t get any ‘add more salt E10 or E11 notifications. I didn’t get any instructions with mine either. Where can I buy the clearwater chemicals?


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