If you have purchased an inflatable hot tub then there are a few things you will want to have stored ready to ensure your spa stays clean and healthy as well as running smoothly.

Bestway Lay Z Spa Accessory Kit

Hot Tub Filters

The number one thing that will occasionally need changing is the filter, this keeps your pump and hot tub free and clear of any debris, bugs and dirt. It stops them from getting into and damaging the pump as well as ensuring they are not being cycled round in your spa water. over time your filter will collect and clog up with little particles and bits of debris, it is a good idea to clean your filter every once in a while, running it under that tap to remove any bits from this. Of course at some point you will need to change the filter so stock up and have some ready to change over when needed.

Test strips

These allow you to quickly and easily test your water and ensue it is at the correct pH level. You can buy 25 Test Strips for Lay Z Spa which you just use one at a time when needed. Dip it into the water and it shall show the level on the dip sheet. You can then adjust the chlorine and ph balance if needed.


It is important to check the water ensuring that there is no bacteria or old growing in there, by checking the water and adding the needed chemicals you can ensure your hot tub is safe for all the family. The Clearwater Basic Spa Chemical Starter Set contains spa treatment & chemicals, it is compatible with the Lay Z Spa hot tub range. In the set are chlorine granules which help disinfect water as well as pH plus and pH minus that helps you retain the correct pH balance of your water.

Floor Protector

Although not needed to maintain your hot tub, a Floor Protector is a good investment if your spa didn’t already come with one, it allows you to protect the base of your spa from any debris, stones or sharp edges on the ground where the spa may go. As well as a protector it also helps insulate the base preventing cold from the ground dropping the temperature of the water.


Once set up you will just want to sit back and relax, so how about a pillow to rest your head on. Your can purchase a Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Pillow that securely connects to Miami, Vegas and Palm Springs Lay Z Spa’s.

There are a number of different available to purchase so that you can stock up, take a look at the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Platinum – Filters, Chemicals, Floor Protector, Test strips, or the Bestway Lay Z Spa Accessory Kit.

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