What Should You Put Your Hot Tub On?

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If you have bought or are looking at getting a hot tub this summer then it is a good idea to think about where it will go. As it runs off the mains a plug needs to be within reach, so it cannot be too far away from your main house. A patio is a good idea, however the condition of peoples patios will vary, some may have have had a new patio put down that is perfectly level, with nice smooth slabs, others may have a old patio that has been there since the house was built and it has seen better days.

Wooden Interlocking Decking Tiles

These are great for putting your hot tub on, not only does it raise it off the cold ground slightly, it also gives a flat solid surface to put the spa on as well as creating a nice safe path to and from your hot tub. They are quick and easy to lay, as they lock into place there is no need for special tools and knowledge to do this.The quality finish will make your patio look great and also give a spa feel around your hot tub. It will also be nicer to walk across when getting in and out of the spa, with the gaps between the wooden slats water can also easily drain through.

Foam Interlocking Tiles

If you want to use something a little cheaper than wooden tiles like above, then you can perhaps look at using foam tiles. These also interlock and can be quickly and easily laid like a jigsaw. The foam will protect the underside of the spa and also help insulate it prevent lose of heat through the ground. It is nice to walk over and also water resistant making it ideal for when you get out.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Floor Protector

If you don’t want to tile or relay your whole patio then the Lay-Z-Spa floor protector is for you. Foam tiles like above that are specifically size for a inflatable hot tub. The pack comes with a circular set up that is put together like a jigsaw, it fits the entire Lay-Z-Spa range and also helps insulate your spa.

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  1. Rich white

    I have decking which is raised around 1 foot off the floor can I put a Palm Springs inflatable on the decking. Or will it need to be reinforced

    • Hot Tub Reviewer

      The weight of the Palm Springs when filled is 1225kg, then you have the weight of the people using it too. The suitability of your deck will come down to how it has been built and the surface it is laid on.

  2. Phillip Morris

    Hi I just build a decking could you put king span under the lazy spa thanks

  3. scott turner

    can you put a easy spa on grass directly or what would you need to put on grass first? do you have to put down decking? if on grass – is there a issue of grass blocking filters? many thanks scott

    • Hot Tub Reviewer

      The ground is level then there is no reason you cannot, however the grass will die, and it is important to ensure there are no sharp object that may split the liner. Decking boards or chipboard would offer a more sturdy platform to place it on.

      To stop grass getting into the spa add a rug or carpet to walk on before getting on, or have bowl of water to wash your feet in before getting in.


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