Mspa Premium Wirlpool Jacuzzi Inflatable SOHO

The Mspa Premuim Wirlpool Jacuzzi Inflatable SOHO is a new model for 2015. Designed for up to 6 people it has a funky design and pattern to the outside and a modern interface and controls. The outside of the inflatable hot tub it has a black base and top edge, where in the middle it is a stone colour with black lines sweeping across it at different angles giving it a nest style and design. While the outside is funky the inside is a clean and fresh white that makes it look very inviting.

Mspa Premium SOHO Review

Compared to Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs where they are round, this Mspa Premuim Whirlpool is more square with rounded corners looking more like your traditional hot tub.

There is a modern touch interface that can easily be access while in the spa that displays the temperate and allows you to turn the bubbles on and off and adjust the water temperature too. There are 132 jets in this hot tub and it will heat up to a very warm 42 degrees.

It comes with a 24 month UK warranty and is perfect for the summer, it can easily be deflated and packed away for the winter months and then brought out again next year.

Perfect for…

This spa is ideal for friends or families, perfect for parents and kids, or just couples who want to invite their friends round. As it holds up to 6 adults it is perfect for entertaining and its square design allows it to be set up neatly in a corner on your patio next to your house.


The total diameter of the hot tub is 185cm with an internal width of 145cm, and a height of 68cm. Once set up the spa will hold 930 litres of water and heats up to 42 degrees.

In the box

  • The Whirlpool Soho hot tub
  • Integrated control unit
  • LCD touchscreen display
  • Thermal cover (1 inflatable / 1 Isolation Cover with zipper)
  • 2 x filter cartridges
  • 1 x Assembly instructions on DVD
  • 1 x Combination lock
  • Repair patches
  • Insulation mat

When buying this spa it may come with a euro plug on it, this is not a problem however you will need to buy a euro to UK plug adaptor, this is obviously and extra cost and also something you will need before you can set up and heat the jacuzzi.

Bottom line…

Overall the Mspa Premuim Wirlpool Jacuzzi Inflatable SOHO is a great looking hot tub and while looks great is also comfortable, easy to set up and a good size. Ideal for families or couples who want to invite friend round it is perfect for entertaining.

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