Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Repair & Replacement Liner

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If you own a Lay-Z-Spa Miami inflatable hot tub from 2014 or 2015 that has become warn, punctured and needs replacing, but the pump is still working fine and you don’t want to buy a whole new spa then you can just buy the liner itself.

You can purchase the Lay Z Spa Miami Inflatable Body to fit the 2015 Lay Z Spa Miami 54123 which just requires inflating with the pump you already have, and then connecting to your working pump. This is just for the liner only.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Repair & Replacement Liner

This saves you having to buy a whole new inflatable hot tub and allows you to keep your pump and just replace the warn or punctured liner. This comes with a 90 day manufacturer warranty and is a direct replacement for the 2014 and 2015 Lay Z Spa Miami model only.


  1. Yvonne

    I have a laz-z-spa Monaco the strip inside the pool that expands when you put the bubbles on has come unstuck can you recommend a glue or something I can stick it in with. Any advice please. Many thanks. Also the whole strip has come unstuck. Thanks again capatcha

  2. Nigel webb

    Hi i have a lay z spa miami i need to replace the liner pump is ok how much would one cost

  3. J kidd

    My 2015 liner has punctured in 3 different places all on the seams inside the pool is this a fault everything else works perfect other than that . How much is a new liner?

  4. Linda Muldoon

    I have a hole on my miami spa on the outside of tub on the bottom…would a replacement liner work with the existing tub? Pump still in.working order.

  5. Geraldine piper

    I don’t now we’re I have a puncture the pump works just the pool keeps going down how much for a new inner pool

  6. Gilbert locke

    I required new liner mine is a st tropez don’t care if replacement is same or not as long as my pump work with it so can I pick up new pool liner somewhere

  7. Jean Rogers

    I have 2 punctures in the top of my Lay-z-spa could you please tell me the best way to repair it


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