Lay-Z-Spa Maldives Hydro Jet Pro Hot Tub Review

Maldives Hydro Jet Review

The latest inflatable hot tub from leading spa company Lay-Z-Spa is the Maldives Hydro Jet Pro, a large 6-7 person inflatable hot tub that has jets, lighting and seating mats all included.

The Need to Know

Temp (℃)
Width (cm)

A standout feature other than the size, is the 8 Powerful HydroJets and 140 Air Jets that are builtin, this isn’t cheap, but you certainly get a lot closer to a traditional hotel jacuzzi with this model.


Unlike most inflatable hot tub spas on the market which are round, the hydro jet is square with rounded corners making it larger with an overall water capacity of 1,050 litres at 80% filled. The larger size allows for 5-7 people to use and also has the most air jets of any other hot tub at 140, and on top of that there are 8 powerful hydro jets too.

Dual Operating Rapid Heating System

The Lay-Z-Spa Maldives Hydro Jet Pro comes with the latest heating system from Lay-Z-Spa, it heats up to 40 degrees but also has dual function allowing you to be in the hot tub using the air jets while also having the eating pump running too. While using the hot tub heat will quickly be lost as the cover is removed and the jets would cool the water too, however having the heating system running too helps prevent the water cooling too quickly allowing you to relax and enjoy for longer.

LED Lights

This model comes with two Aqua Glow water powered LED lights allowing you to light up the water and setting the mood. These are great for parties or kids to enjoy when using the hot tub.

8 HydroJets and 140 AirJets

The main standout feature for this spa is the jets. You get 140 air jets which is more than any other Lay-Z-Spa hot tub, and if that isn’t enough you also get 8 powerful hydro massage jets which you can adjust and direct. Using the pump controls you can have either on at one time or have them both running together.

Check out this video showing all the key features of the Maldives hot tub.

Inflatable Seating Area

Inflatable hot tubs have a cushioned base that you can sit on, the Maldives Hydro Jet Pro comes with an integrated seating area with removable back rests making it even more comfortable and easier to relax. The square design makes the internal space larger giving more space to stretch out and relax in.

Once inflated this hot tub is 201cm wide by 201cm and 80cm in height.

Perfect for…

This hot tub is perfect for couple and families, people that want something to rally relax in, sooth aching muscle and enjoy.
Holding 5-7 people this is great for parties, or enjoying with your whole family.

What’s included?

In the box you get everything you need to get this hot tub up and running, just fill with water, heat up and you are ready to go.

  • 1 x Tri-tech Hot tub liner
  • 1 x Heater/Pump
  • 1 x Filter
  • 1 x Chemical floater
  • 1 x Air pad protector
  • 1 x Inflatable cover
  • 2 x Water powered LED lights
  • 1 x Clear soft system


Holds: 5-7 Adults
Water Capacity (80% full): 1,050L (277 Gal)
Inflated Size 201cm x 201cm x 80cm (79″ x 79″ x 31.5″)
Filled Weight: 1,117kg (2,463lb)
Rating: 220-240V~ 50Hz 2050W at 20˚C
Maximum Heat Capability: 40˚C (104˚F)
Certification: CE/EMC/GS approved

This inflatable hot tub is one of the largest on the market and one of the only ones that has hydro jets and air jets combined.


The Lay-Z-Spa Maldives Hydro Jet Pro Hot Tub is quite a jacuzzi and the closet there is to a traditional hard fixed spa you can get. With a large size with airjets and hydrojets it is a great way to relax and will certainly be used.

If there was a downside then there is only one, and is a big downside and that is the price. At over £1,000 it is not cheap at all, you get a lot for your money but it is still a lot. Unlike other spas in the Lay-Z-Spa range they can be found air the cheaper end of the price spectrum and make great value.

If you have had an inflatable hit tub before and looking to upgrade or want something larger, then the Lay-Z-Spa Maldives Hydro Jet Pro Hot Tub is certainly worth checking out.

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  1. Philip

    Hi im thinking of upgrading from a vegas to a maldives one big issue with vegas it looses heat quickly as bubbles cant be on as heater wont let u so in cool weather in 30 minutes its not very warm also pump bit noisy so can u tell me anything i need to no thanks

    • Jenna wallace

      Bear in mind that it takes 24 to 48 hours to heat up and it uses a lot of electricity averaging 9 pound a day no lie wish I never bought it.

      • Mark Powell

        Is it really £63 per week to run ? Is that much more than the smaller inflatable lazy spas ?

      • James Davy

        Oh i forgot to mention… it’s best if you get a multi-fit kitchen tap adaptor clamp and fill it with 1/4 – 1/2 of cold water then the rest hot = about 40c. It’s only like using your central heating for 45 mins (gas) so loads cheaper to fill and heat each time 😉 GET ONE YOU WON’t REGRET IT!!!

  2. Ed

    Hydro jets and heating cannot be operated at the same time. Only air jets and heating.

  3. James Davy

    Strange? As i have been using mine for over three weeks now and it averages about £7.00 a week? Love it too bits. Have you put insulation tiles underneath?

  4. Wayne

    Just received my maldives hydro jet pro can’t wait to get it up and running. Anyone use through the winter months..

    • Tracy Mansfield

      Are you able to tell me the size of this including the motor part please. I only have a certain size area that it will fit into

  5. Andrew Rees

    Thinking of getting one and have my carpenter build a wooden surround and fill with polystyrene and foil blanket with a hard cover also lined 🙂

  6. Lewis

    Can someone please advise it the pumps air vents are on the sides, bottom and back? We’ve been told that the width of the hottub plus the pump is approx 2.5 meters in total width. This will mean that the hot tub will be against a wall and the pump will be very close to our other wall. – So I am hoping the vents are not located on the back as this will be a problem.

    Any advise regarding this and if you have correct measurements of the hot tub and pump together that will be great.


  7. steve

    Hi Everyone please advice if its worth it to buy and how much they cost you to run for the whole month
    or weeks days, thanks in advance to all.

  8. John Lay

    Can you help I have just purchased Layz maldives it will be sitting on flat lawn how many floor tiles should I buy.


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