This year Lay-Z-Spa have released a new dome and igloo enclosure for their inflatable hot tubs improving on the older design they had before.

Lay-Z-Spa Dome Enclosure & Gazebo

The Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub enclosure has a spacious design with the ability to open and close all the sides of it allowing maximum ventilation, privacy where needed or to protect against wind from one side. Closing all side when not in use also prevents cats from getting near your hot tub, protecting against debris from landing on it and also added protection from kids playing in the garden and helping to stop them getting close to it. The additional cover and protection will also help provide extra heat efficiency too.

The dome and gazebo enclose is portable and easy to set up just like a tent. Unlike their hot tubs this dome is not inflatable and instead using rods just like a traditional tent with adjustable cords on each corner to be pegged into soft ground. This can be used on grass and if needed on a patio with it pegged into a nearby flower bed or using some sort of weight to hold it down, be it a brick or heavy box.

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub & Pool Dome Enclosure Gazebo Review

The rigid structure and poles of this make it better for more windy conditions then the older inflatable dome model, it is more like a tent and is designed well, the waterproof material also helps protect against the elements too.

There is no base or floor to the dome so if can be easily installed and set up over your hot tub if it is already set up, just ensure there is enough room around the edge for the gazebo to sit around.

Once erected the dome is 390cm wide and deep, with a height if 255cm. This is large enough to cover all Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs and still leave room around the edge ideal for the inflatable surrounds that can be bought too.

If you are looking for some privacy or some protection from the wind then the is ideal, the dome isn’t cheap however it fits perfectly over all Lay-z-Spa hot tubs and works well. It comes with all you need to set up right away on grass or soft ground, additional fixings may need to be bought for concrete or decking.

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