Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub Review

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub Review
  • Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub
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  • Last modified: 26th June 2019
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Summary: The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki spa tub allows you to enjoy your spa moment with your friends or loved one at the comfort of your home. It is slightly larger as opposed to other models since it can accommodate up to 7 people. This model resembles the old Nordic hot tubs, and the fact that it is inflatable makes it ideal for homes with limited spaces. Enjoy your spa baths at any time of year as the Helsinki hot tub is perfect for use 365 days a year. The ability to keep the water warm at all times makes it ideal for winter use too.

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Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub Review

The inflatable Helsinki hot tub is from Lay-Z-spa Company which is one of the leading companies in the world. The hot tub has excellent and reliable features that everyone will love. It is relatively large as it can comfortably accommodate up to 7 seven people. The hot tub allows you to unwind and retire to bed with a relaxed body thanks to the available 120 air jet massage equipped to provide a full body massage.

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Although the Lay-Z spa company has provided a wide variety of hot tubs for the customers, this specific model has excellent and unique features that set it aside from the rest of other models. The following are the unique features in this model.

Freeze shield technology.

The hot tub is designed to ensure that you enjoy a hot tub bath and massage throughout the year including during the cold seasons. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the water freezing during the winter seasons. The availability of the freeze shield technology in the tub enables it to maintain the right water temperatures all the time.


This feature makes the device ideal for people who may not want to set the hot tub in the homes permanently. This hot tub features an inflatable form where you can compress it in small sizes for easy storage. This also makes it easy to carry the hot tub when either setting it up or if you want to move it to a different position in the house.

Easy to set up.

Although the Helsinki hot tub comes with setting up manuals such as the DVD for instructions, rest assured that putting it up is a straight forward process that will not take more than ten minutes to complete. There are no much parts to connect since most components are connected.

Comfortably fits seven people.

This airject inflatable hot tub can accommodate up to 1,123 liters of water. It has a soft, spacious interior which allows up to seven people to fit in. The sides have durable and sturdy material which helps the people to enjoy a laid back surface while in the tub.

The 120 Airjet massage system.

Apart from allowing you to unwind and relax the body after a long day, this air jet system hot tub is meant to enable you to relax your body muscles and the joints as well. It comes with a button where you can press to release therapeutical bubbles intended to massage the entire body. The equipped 120 airject massage system enables the massage process.

Water filtration system.

All Lay-Z spas company puts the health of the consumers at the forefront when manufacturing their products. Therefore, this hot tub is designed to ensure you achieve the best pleasure moments with your loved ones without compromising your health. The presence of the water filtration system ensures the water remains clear all the time by filtering it. Note that you can also use the device with other water filtration chemicals which are recommended by the company. So, make sure to contact the customer care to guide you on the best chemicals to use with your Helsinki hot tub.

The leatheroid insulated protective cover.

Are you wondering how this hot tub maintains water warm all through the seasons? Well, this is possible thanks to the equipped leatheroid insulation cover. The leatheroid material consists of lock clips and other built-in chambers. The chambers are finished to trap in the air and provide an insulation power to ensure the water maintains pleasant temperatures all through. The fact that the hot tub is fully secured also prevents dirt and other debris from entering the water area.

Heats up to 40 degrees C.

The Helsinki hot tub has a thermostatic for regulating the water temperatures. Therefore, the device can maintain and heat the water up to 40 degrees Celcius. The ability to keep the water at these temperatures makes it easy for one to massage, and even filter off debris from the water at the same time. Note that you can set up the time you want all these activities to take place with the equipped timer.

Who is the Helsinki hot tub perfect for?

This hot tub is ideal for all family members including kids. The ability of the device to insulate heat and heat water to favorable temperatures makes it suitable for all ages to use it at all time of the day or year. It is also ideal for a couple who like hanging out with close friends since it can hold up to 7 people. So, you can invite another two pair to enjoy an evening hangout on the hot tub.


  • Hold capacity: Up to 7 people
  • Water capacity: 1,123 liters approximately 80 percent when full.
  • Inflated size: 1.80m x 66cm (71 x 26 inch)
  • Maximum heat: 40 degrees


Lay-Z Spa Helsinki hot tub is a great relaxing hot tub for all family members who need a quiet place that they can relax their body after a long day. It is crafted with high quality and durable materials to ensure it serves you for a long time. The hot tub keeps the water at great temperatures all through including during the cold seasons making it ideal for all family use. It also comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturers defects whereby you can either claim back your money or request for an exchange.

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    • Hot Tub Reviewer

      Yes, however it will cool down, so when you return you will have to heat it all up again. It maybe more cost effect to leave it one and heated.

    • David law

      They said to us buy a new liner. Which is why they’re around £700 I would think. We’ve had three go that way. I would say these pools are faulty. The pump went last time and almost started a house fire.

  1. Lindsey

    Hello, Is the Helsinki more expensive to run thank other Lay Z spa hot tubs because the walls are thinner? Thanks

  2. shaun jones

    hi i just bought the helsinki just trying to get my head around heating as well we are leaving it on all time heating stays at maintained heat if you turn it off temp will drop then it cost loads to re heat ,do you think this is better way to keep the cost down if you using
    timer function your still using more power to reheat thks shaun

    • Hot Tub Reviewer

      Depends how often you will use it, maintaining the heat is likely to be cheaper unless you don’t intend to use very often.

    • Ralph

      I’ve bought the American version of the Helsinki, which comes supplied with a 5kV 110V/120V transformer.
      The heater is 1kW as opposed to the UK one at 2kW.
      It takes at least 1 hr to raise the temp by 1 deg C, and I ‘m certain that it may be taking twice as long to heat as the UK version would.
      I’m using approx 1.7kW/h at 20p per unit, so its costing 34p per hour – that’s £8.16 per day or £57.12 per week, if left on constantly!
      Just don’t know where Lay Z Spa get their £10.00 per week running costs from!!!

  3. Ralph S Davies

    I find that by using the Timer Function, you have to assess how much heat will be lost whilst it’s switched off.
    Ours loses approximately 1 deg C per hour, and then takes 2 hours to raise the temperature by 1 deg C.
    Example: We get in the Tub at 21.00 hrs at 40 deg C – it then loses 2 deg C within 1/2 hour whilst using bubbles and obviously the lid is off (down to 38 deg C)
    I then set the timer to come on at 02.30 am for 6 hours. By 02.30 am the temperature has dropped to 33 deg C, so it will take another 12 to 14 hours to get back up to 40 deg C. VERY EXPENSIVE TO RUN.
    I’ve calculated that it’s using between 1.6 to 1.8 kW/hours @ 0.22pence/unit – that’s anywhere between £5.00 to £8.00 per day and possibly more. That’s between £35.00 to £56.00 per week – where on Earth do Lay Z Spa get £10.00 per week from?

    • Christina Farrelly

      Did you buy the 2020 version with the rapid heat system and freeze technology? Just asking because we are having the same issue?

      • Susan Hills

        I have the Helsinki it is on constant @ 37 degrees, bought it in August my electric bull has gone up by £231 each month, so is costing me £50 per week, I bought his thinking it woud cost me £10 a week, it is ridiculous….


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