Lay-Z-Spa Discount Codes & Coupons

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, Miami, Palm and Monaco Discount Codes and coupons for these inflatable hot tubs below:

Lay-Z-Spa Coupons & Discount

At the moment there are no active discount code or coupons for the Lazy Spa Hot Tubs.

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Series Best Price

Lay-Z-Spa Vega Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

Perfect for up to 4 adults and our number 1 choice!

This is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs on the market and was also the UK’s Bestselling Hot Tub of 2013. It has a great price point and makes great value, it will comfortably hold 4 adults and comes with everything you need to get started.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable

Perfect for smaller gardens and spaces and will hold 2-4 people.

If space is an issue then the Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Spa is for you, one of the smallest spas on the market at 180cm wide and can still hold 2-4 people, though maybe a little cosy with 4 adults!

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco 8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Spa


Largest inflatable hot tub in the range and holds up to 8 people.

If you want something a little larger that is more suitable and comfortable for your family then this 8 person inflatable hot tub is ideal for you. It has a more robust rigid structure making it ideal for decking to be built around it giving a very luxurious feel.


Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hot Tub

The middle of the range hot tub that will hold 4-6 people.

The perfect hot tub for families, comfortably fitting 4-6 adults, easy to set up and cheap to maintain.

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  1. Scott holmes

    Was about to order a Paris model but have noticed a few negative comments on your customer service, how are you dealing with this.
    We had a lay z spa about 4-5 years ago and gave it away as we only used it at the caravan which we sold and we have a proper spa at home, got to be honest it was great and had no problems at all with it, were migrating to Australia and wouldn’t mind taking one out there


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