How Much does it Cost to run an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Lay-Z-Spa Vega Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

The cost of running your inflatable hot tub depends on the size of it and how much you use it, the bigger the spa the more water there is to heat and keep warm, the more you use it the more the water drops and the more power is needed to heat it up again.

Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Running Costs

On the Lay-Z-spa site they say ‘We estimate it can cost around *£7 – £10 a week to run based on feedback we have had from our customers’.

Of course this will vary depending on your electricity supplier and how much they charge, and also the size of the spa, but this gives you a ball park figure. Inflatable hot tubs are a lot cheaper to maintain and run than a traditional fixed solid hot tub you may see with a wooden surround.

All hot tubs come with a special cover that is insulated to help keep them warm when not in use, you can also buy a spa floor protector to prevent the cold on the slabs or ground coming up into the spa.

Lay-Z-Spas are also thermostatically regulated, the heater will only actually switch on to top up the temperature of the water to your desired temperature, once it falls a degree or two below this as it is easier to keep warm once it drops down a little.

*Figures based Spa usage of 3 times a week for approx 25 mins with 20 mins of Lay-Z-Massage including a 5 min interval. Wind-block and cover utilised.

As well as the cost of electricity to run and keep the spa warm, there is also the cost of filters and chemicals to help maintain the hot tub.

Tips to help keep the cost down!

When setting your hot tub up, think about where it will be positioned, somewhere sheltered from the wind will help, if it can be covered, even better. There is also what the spa will sit on, sat straight onto cold slabs won’t help, but using the floor protector and insulator will.

Keep the lid on. As soon as you get out, put the lid on, and take it off as soon as you are about to get in. This lid not only stops debris going in, but stops heat going out. When you have finished make sure the lid is on correctly and folder over with no gaps.

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  1. Marc andrew Mcteer

    very expensive lazy spa paris my electric bill went up 60 pound a month

  2. Leanne

    Have got a card meter and have put in and used £100 in the first week, hoping this is just initial cost

  3. Denise mcgannon

    I heated my spa which cost £8 up is up to temperature still cost me £6 in 7 hours just on to exspensive on smart meter lazy spa New York

  4. Mrs Brice

    We are looking at buying the Lay-z-spa Miami 4 person, we need to know how expensive it will be to run ..

    • Mark

      we have one of these To keep it running every day at around 38 degrees you are looking at an average consumption of around £3-4 a day especially this time of year in the summer months £1:50 – 2:00 a day

      • Gill Douglas

        So, is it more economical to keep it heated or let it cool a little and reheat a couple of hours before I want to use it?

  5. Tracy Robathan

    it costs about £40 to £50 a month i see it as i don’t smoke and don’t go to the pub , it would cost me a lot more for cigarettes alone .
    so in the spring till Autumn i enjoy coming home from work relaxing with a glass of wine and a relax in the lazy spar

  6. Ralph

    I’m in the UK and have bought an inflatable hot tub, which is the American version of the UK model, which is 2kW at 230V/240V.
    Mine is 1kW at 110V/120V and comes supplied with a 5kV transformer. Total water volume is 1000 Lts.
    It takes at least 1 hr to raise the temp by 1 deg C.
    Using approx 1.7kW/h at 0.20p per unit, equates to 34p per hour.
    So total cost per 24 hours (if left on constantly) would be £8.16 per day (£57.12 per week) – extremely expensive!!
    Where do Lay Z Spa get their quotes of £10 per week running costs?

  7. Ralph S Davies

    Ours loses approximately 1 deg C per hour, and then takes 2 hours to raise the temperature by 1 deg C.
    Example: We get in the Tub at 21.00 hrs at 40 deg C – it then loses 2 deg C within 1/2 hour whilst using bubbles and obviously the lid is off (down to 38 deg C)
    I then set the timer to come on at 02.30 am for 6 hours. By 02.30 am the temperature has dropped to 33 deg C, so it will take another 12 to 14 hours to get back up to 40 deg C. VERY EXPENSIVE TO RUN.
    I’ve calculated that it’s using between 1.6 to 1.8 kW/hours @ 0.22pence/unit – that’s anywhere between £5.00 to £8.00 per day and possibly more. That’s between £35.00 to £56.00 per week – where on Earth do Lay Z Spa get £10.00 per week from?

    • Neil Messenger

      If it was cooling at 2deg C and heating at 1 deg C per hour it would not heat up. Each hour it would lose 2 add 1 so would cool at 1 deg per hour. Your numbers are wrong somewhere.

      With the bubbles on you it is my understanding the heating is off. There’s not enough power for both. Also you are blowing cold air through the water cooling it faster with no top on.

  8. John Harrison

    My electric costs 13 p per KWH – say it heats for 20 hours out of 24 – that 26 p per hour at 20 hours – £5.20 per day – x 30 days – say £160 per month – so around £40 per week – if i run it continually and assuming that the heater turn as itself off for 4 hours per day – ie not heating due to reaching the set temperature of 40 degrees – and we do normally run it all the time – otherwise it’s never ready when u need it – cheap tip – we run hot water off the house water system so gas used to fill the pool or reheat if has turned itself off

  9. Ryan

    I’m relieved to see these comments, I have the Miami 6 person, it’s costing me minimum extra £5 per day in electricity. I have been running at 35 degrees then increasing before use. Going to try to leave at 38 all the time, not too hopefull

  10. Marie

    I don’t have a lazy spa but I do have an inflatable hot tub for the the first 3 days I was using at least £5 a day so my partner emptied the tub filled it with warm water that cut the price to around £2.50 a day hope that helps also just to add when we did hear it overnight it too in approx 17 hours to hear from the cold water when we filled it with warm water it took less than half hour

  11. Ollie

    Having had a New York for 4 years and now a Helsinki, which get used about twice a week, I can honestly say £10 per week if you leave it running is impossible in the UK. Try 20-30p an hour at best just to maintain 38/39 degrees. More in the winter. To make it cheaper we half empty it then fill with hot water from a hose attached to an adaptor indoors. Takes about 1hr to drain and refill and costs a lot less, even when considering water and gas prices.

  12. James Cowling

    Hi there; I just got a hot tub and was wondering if you should keep it on all the time or just a couple of hours before you want to get in. I’m thinking about costs. If anyone can help, please let me know.

  13. Samantha Marriott

    Lazy spa st Lucia not bad on electric keep temp at 38 uses Abit more electric when bubbles are on


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