What Should Your Hot Tub Temperature Be?

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Perhaps no other bathing option is as great as the hot tub. This stems from its completely immersive nature which ensures that every part of your body is effectively impacted. It also allows for some soaking during the cleansing session. This leads to deeper and more effective cleansing than the showers.

The trickiest part of using this equipment is usually to set the most appropriate temperature. These form the basis of our discussions here below. We are going to examine those factors that inform the most suitable temperature levels for your hot tub.

Hot Tub Temperature

Most inflatable hot tubs have an adjust temperature setting, however the max setting is usually 104° F (40° C). Of course with the cover off and the spa in use the temperature will drop, but this is the max temperature your hot tub would be heated too.

Your spa will have a setting to monitor the temperature, however it is also good to have a measuring gauge to check, it also allows you to see how quickly the temperature may drop and monitor it when in use.

Things to Consider 

The temperature of your hot tub is adjustable and there are some things to consider when setting it.

Prevailing Environmental Temperatures

The prevailing environmental temperatures are by far the most significant determinants of the temperature levels. When the external temperatures are extremely cold such as winter, the temperature of your hot tub ought to be very hot. The opposite should be the case.

Immersing yourself in a cold tub when it is snowy will only subject you to the dangers of frostbites and hypothermia. Doing the exact opposite in an extremely hot weather, on the other hand, will predispose you to heat-related issues like heat rash, heat cramps, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion.
Underlying Skin Problems

Some skin problems like thin skin, rashes, and pimples are ordinarily adverse and repugnant to extreme heat. Immersing yourself in extremely hot tubs with these conditions will only worsen the said conditions altogether. This is why you want to moderate the levels of temperatures if you have them.

If you are in doubt, you have to consult your dermatologist to help you out. He should be able to advise you on the way forward. This way, you will be able to pre-empt any such issues beforehand.

The Purpose of the Hot Shower

People immerse themselves in the hot tub for different reasons. Some do so purely for leisure, others for medicinal values, yet others for the sake of keeping themselves clean. You should ascertain beforehand the one which is most relevant for your case. This will determine just how hot the tub ought to be.

As a general rule, medicinal purposes are very grave on the whole. As such, you have to set the temperature as high as can possibly be. For leisure, you only require moderate temperatures as chances as that you will spend too much of your time in the tub.

Intended Duration of the Showering Session
Just how long do you intend to immerse yourself in the hot tub? It goes without saying that staying longer in the tub predisposes you to extreme heat and high-temperature levels. This stems from the accumulation of heat in the body. The excess heat will no doubt jeopardize yourself if not mitigated.

For this reason, set the temperature low enough while intending to immerse yourself for a longer duration of time and vice versa. The opposite should apply if you only want to spend a negligible amount of time in the tub.

Age and Maturity

There is a correlation between the age and maturity on one hand and the ideal temperatures on the other hand. Generally speaking, younger kids and extremely elderly persons have skins that are sensitive to excess heat. If you fall in such a bracket, be sure to set the lowest realistic temperature possible.

Youthful persons and young adults, on the other hand, have the freedom to set whichever temperature levels they desire, other factors held constant. The logic here is that they skins and bodies are tough enough to endure the most intense temperature levels.

Other Health Problems

Certain health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy, heart conditions, and hypertension also have a bearing on the desired temperature levels. If you have any of them, you will also have to pay some attention to the temperature levels you eventually set.

This is because these conditions abhor prolonged exposure to the hot tub and extreme temperatures. You have to consult your physician beforehand to inquire from them just how to go about the whole issue. The doctor should ideally suggest the precise temperature that is safest for you.

Personal Preferences

‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison,’ so goes the saying. Indeed, each person may have his own unique desires and preferences which may vary adversely from those of the other people. These preferences definitely come in handy while determining the ideal temperature of the hot tub.

You should, however, take the necessary caution while at this. Be mindful of the other factors that are equally significant such as health conditions and skin problems. You do not want to run in unnecessary problems as you go about this business.

Heat Tolerance

This refers to just how much heat both your skin and body can bear at a time. It is mainly determined by the amount of melanin on your skin. Darker people contain plenty of melanin. They are therefore more likely to bear more heat than their lighter counterparts.

You should also take care of this as you go about the business of finding the right temperature for your hot tub. You do not want to feel too hot and even impose some damages to your skin in the process of showering, do you?

The Precise Locations of the Hot Tubs

Hot tubs may be located either indoors or outdoors. The precise locations of the hot tubs also determine to a great extent the upper limit of the temperature you might want to set. If the tub is located outdoors, you will want to settle for a lower temperature because of the extra heat from the sun.

The only exception here being if the temperature is too cold such as during the winter season. You want to set a higher temperature at such times. If on the other hand the tub is located indoors, higher temperature limits will do the job.

Financial Resource Endowment

Lastly, you have to factor your financial resource endowment as well. This is because higher temperatures inflict higher utility bills. By consistently setting higher temperatures, you will incur added utility bills which you do not want to. You should, therefore, pay keen attention to your financial resources to prevent overspending or incurring unnecessary losses.

Now that you know the factors to consider while determining the most suitable hot tub temperature, we are confident you can now make an informed decision. Kindly go ahead to do so. You are not the only person in this particular problem. We, therefore, urge you to consider sharing this information as far wide as you possibly can. All the best in your next bathing session!

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