Hot Tub Garden Igloo 360 Dome

Hot Tub Garden Igloo 360 Dome

Garden Igloo is an eye catching, transparent ,water proof, portable, versatile and a high quality structure. It has a rounded vault shape and can be lighted up by running extensions that leads directly to it, alternatively one can either use a battery or powered solar lights.

Garden Igloo 360 degrees dome

Due to its attractive nature , it gives a beautiful, classy, amazing and a stylish look to your home outside area. It is also used as a conservatory green house and even used to house hot tubs. One can also use the dome to cover himself from mosquito. As much as the item is of high quality it is offered at an affordable price that is attractive and consumer friendly. Free delivery is also offered for residence’s depending on the standard size of order you have made .

When it comes to time and energy saving then garden igloo is the best since it is not hard to put up the structures and it is built without tools. You also don’t have to worry whether the dome will fit into you tab or the cooling and ventilation breeze, since it is spacious enough and it has a door and a two zip widow which is 360 degrees. One can use this item during winter or summer.

Use it for Your Hot Tub

The size of this dome makes it perfect for use with your hot tub, it is a great size that will cover and go round your spa. With 2 zip window vents it will allow the steam and heat to escape while protecting you from the direct sun, rain or wind.

Although the dome doesn’t come with a floor, it can be installed on a flat surface such as a patio or deck, or you could put it on the grass lawn.

The item is a perfect use for your home area and also with an inflatable hot tub because of its features such as:

It is 100% weather proof that is water, wind and snow proof up to 62 Km/h, but in case of extreme weather conditions such as storms and high wind level, it is highly recommended that you removes the cover to prevent it from tearing up, since in these circumstance the seller will not take any liability.

  • The structure is portable and easy for one to move it around even when it is assembled.
  • The structure doesn’t rust or rot since it is made up of a recyclable, high quality and non corrosive material.
  • The structure is easy for you to build since it is built without any tools and with a easy connector systems. this is worth it since it is not tedious and time consuming.
  • The structure offers not only a stable frame but also a resilient frame to that is made from white polyvinyl.
  • The structure doesn’t require any foundation one only needs to anchor it with the anchoring system that comes with it.
  • The structure can fit on your hot tab since it has plenty of room such as it has a base area of 10m2, a max height of 220m, a door entrance h 180 cm x w 70 cm, and a diameter of 3.6 m
  • It has a soft and a transparent PVC cover.
  • It also has two widow vents and can be stored away in packaging of 40cm x 79 cm x 30cm

The structure comes along with a conservatory cover, an anchorage kit which can be used on soft turf or solid patio, a standard frame and assembly instructions.

I highly recommend garden Igloo for its amazing for not only of its high quality features that comes with it, but also for the amazing, beautiful, lovely look and view it brings to one’s home area and the peace of mind.

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