Grand Rapids Plug & Play Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Grand Rapids Hot Tub Review

If space is an issue, or you just don’t want a spa dominating your patio then this Grand Rapids Plug & Play Inflatable Hot Tub is worth a look. While it maybe one of the smaller spas on the market holding 2 adults and 2 children, it is however one of the deepest at 29 inches, covering your whole body and shoulders, great for relaxing and soothing those upper body muscles.

Grand Rapids Plug & Play Inflatable Hot Tub


This hot tub comes with 88 air jets, can be plugging into your mains via a plug socket, and comes with a simple filter system that is all inclosed within the heating system for easy maintenance. This spa also comes with a easy to fix on 6 inch inflatable cover that is tapered and lockable for insulation helping to keep the heat in when not in use.

Top Tip:
Don’t over inflate the black hot tub liner, as it is black the suns rays heat the air and cause it to expand so leave a bit of room to prevent your tub from warping.

Our round up of pros and cons for this Grand Rapids Plug & Play Inflatable Hot Tub.


  • Quick to heat – This hot tub can be heated up in 12 hours.
  • Size – Ideal for smaller gardens and also one of the deepest spas on the market.
  • Protection – Comes with a easy to clip on inflatable lid for when not in use.


  • Jets – This model only comes with 88 jets which is at the lower end of the scale compared to other hot tubs.


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