How To Fill Your Hot Tub – Guide

How To Fill Your Hot Tub

So you finally decided to get a hot tub. You went down to the store and picked out the perfect one, and set up a time to have it delivered. It has now been all set up in your backyard and all that is left to do is to fill it up with water. There are severals ways to fill up your new tub, but the best way is to use your garden hose.

It should be noted that you take electrical safety precaution and to make sure that the chemicals in the water are perfectly balanced. It is also best to ensure the spa is left turned off and disconnected.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that the thermostat is in the off position. You should make sure that the hot tub breaker is switched off. This is to ensure that you are safe while filling it an also incase of any issues with the hot tub itself.

Your next step will be to place your water hose into the hot tub, andthe hose on. As it is being filled up you should continue to monitor the process. Make sure that as the tub is being filled, that you are checking for leaks in the hot tub. If you see any leaks, you should turn off the water right away, so you do not make the leak worse. Once the water reaches the designated height, which is usually when the water passes the height of the water filters, it is time to stop the water hose.

Once your hot tub is filled then you should flip the breaker back on. Then make sure that the pump is turned on, and put it on the highest speed. This will allow you to be able to check the flow of the jets. If there is not enough air coming from the pumps then loosen the screw on the connector from the input side which should release the trapped air.

Once filled you can turn on the pump to start heating the water. this can take from 10-18 hours depending on the size of your hot tub. Don’t forget to add in all the hot tub chemicals; concentrated demineralized, spa shock, water clarifier, and the odor eliminator. Use the product instructions to make sure you are adding the right amount of these chemicals.

Check the pH level of the hot tub, which should be between 7.6 and 8.2, make adjustments accordingly to get the right pH levels. Once the pH level is right, you can start to enjoy your new hot tub.

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