Best Square Shaped Inflatable Hot Tubs

Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Square Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa

Many hot tubs on the market are round in shape maximising the amount of people that can relax in this, however you you want a hot tub up in a corner outside then a square inflatable hot tub is a great choice as it will fill and maximise the space available.

Square Hot Tubs 4 Corners

We round up some of the best square inflatable hot tubs on the market. Most hot tubs are round however there are some that have moved away from this standard and fit into the more square bracket.

Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa Hot Tub


The Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa is a square hot tub with the corner angled to create relaxing seating positions within. Although not square it sill maximises the space in the corners and with the extra angles creates more sides and places for people to lean against when relaxing in the hot tub. 

This model has 120 heated bubble jets and built from a unique patented fiber-tech construction. It has a easy-to-use control panel allowing you to easily change the temperature. The Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa includes a built-in hard water treatment system in the pump which is a great extra feature.

Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Hot Tub (4-6 Person)

Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub

New for 2016 from Lay-Z-Spa is their latest model, the Hawaii Hydrojet Pro Hot Tub perfect for 4-6 Person. This top of the range inflatable spa has 8 HydroJets™ & 120 AirJets™ in its builtin Massage System, there is a ClearSoft™ Water Treatment System, built new built in timer Controlled Heating Setting allowing you to decide when it comes on heating up to a relaxing 40 degrees Celsius. This is the first Square Shaped Lay-Z-Spa with all other models being round.

As with all inflatable spas this is quick and easy to set up and looks great, extremely comfortable and very relaxing.

MSPA Alpine Luxury Inflatable


The MSPA Alpine Luxury Inflatable has 108 powerful air jets which you can operate from its built in control box. There is a built-in Inflation Pump making it super quick and easy to inflate, then just fill with water and allow to heat up over night. It has a ‘whisper’ quiet design so it won’t wake anyone if you take a late night dip.

Why buy a Square Spa?

There are a some good reasons why you should  buy a square hot tub, here are just few if them:

  • Corners – The square design makes them ideal for positioning in corners, big it against a wall or as part of a rectangular garden
  • Back Support – The straight back design makes seating and back support more comfortable and better unlike round design hot tubs.
  • Space – A square design is a better use of space meaning the internal space within the hot tub is great than a circular hot tub of the same width.

Of course the larger size means that more water is needed to fill the spa, however in terms of negative reason or benefits of a circular hot tub over a square one there really are not any.

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