Inflatable hot tubs are great for use in the summer and after work, when the sun is setting what better way to create a lovely mood within your spa than with lighting. Great for making the hot tub inviting and creating a fun mood if you have music on for a party night, or perhaps a romantic evening.

The thumbsUp! Aqua Mood Light is a simple device you could place at the bottom of your Lay-Z-Spa inflatable Hot Tub and can control with the included remote control. The main lighting device is waterproof and can be placed in your spa, bath or even a vase. The drive houses waterproof LED lights which create 13 colour tones.

The mood light has 3 settings: fixed colour, colour merge through sequence and instant colour change.

The remote control comes with a battery included and allows you so select the colour you wish the light to be, the mode you wish it to be using and also turning it on and off.

The thumbsUp! Aqua Mood Light is easy to use and set up, the device it self takes 3 aaa batteries and does use up quite a bit of power, however if you have it on only when in the hot tub then the batteries will last longer. If you wanted you could also purchase more to place around the outside of the spa too if you wanted, great if you don’t already have any garden lighting.

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