Aqua Jet Spa Regal Deluxe Synthetic Leather Black Inflatable Hot Tub Review
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Summary: A very stylish inflatable hot tub that has a real feel of luxury about it making it stand out from others on the market. Quick and easy to set up and has the controls built into the side for easy access.

Aqua Jet Regal Deluxe Review

This Aqua Jet Spa Regal Deluxe Synthetic Leather Black Inflatable Hot Tub is a little different to other inflatable spas on the market, firstly it comes in a Synthetic Leather Black look on the outside with a matching cover. However the bigger difference is that the controls, heating elements and filters are all built into the hot tub itself, where as others on the market have a separate unit pod that is connected onto the side of the jacuzzi.

This is great as it saves having to lean of the spa to get to the controls, where as with the Aqua Jet Spa Regal Deluxe Synthetic Leather Black Inflatable Hot Tub you can easily reach them without having to get cold!



This spa has space for 4 adults, with a comfy base to sit on at the bottom, it heats up to 40 degrees and can be set up in 5-10 minutes. This spa is 185cm wide by 65cm in height and has a clever zip on cover for when not in use.

Our Top Tip

Don’t over inflate the black hot tub liner, as it is black the suns rays heat the air and cause it to expand so leave a bit of room to prevent your tub from warping.

Our round up of pros and cons for this 4 person inflatable hot tub.


  • Easy set up – Simple to set up in just 5-10 minutes.
  • Controls – Controls come built into the hot tub.
  • Protection – Comes with a inflatable cover with a foil layer to help maintain the heat when not in use.
  • Free delivery – Comes with Free delivery when bought through Amazon.


  • Temperature – This spa only heats up to 40 degrees, which is usually warm enough for most but some may wish it was warmer.


“Grandchildren and wife love it,will be setting it up again now the weather is getting warmer,easy to assemble and clean,cant fault it.” – Amazon Customer


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