6-8 Person Inflatable Hot Tubs


If you are looking for a larger inflatable perfect for 6 to 8 adults, making it great for families or parties then the 6 person Monaco Hot Tub from Lay-Z-Spa is a great choice.

Best 6-8 Person Inflatable Jacuzzi’s

Most hot tubs on the market are ideal for 2-4 adults, however anymore it is just to tight and certainly not comfortable. Lay-Z-Spa have a couple of options that are worth looking at which are suitable for 6 people.

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco 6 – 8 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

This hot tub is larger and more rigid than other inflatable hot tubs, it has 120 air jets and is just over 2 meters wide at 201cm. The spa comes in a bright blue and could have decking built around it, it comes with a cover that will protect it and keep the heat in when not in use.

When fully filled with water the hot tub weighs just short of 2,000Kg and it stands 69 cm in height. The water takes over 24 hours to heat due to the larger size, however once heated the pump shall maintain the heat set  keeping it at a constant temperature so it is always ready for use.

There are a variety of hot tubs in the market, but it is important to choose one that fits your needs. Monaco is an excellent high-quality value for money product, and that is why the customers are excited about what they get.

This hot tub possesses a compact, rigid, and an inflatable design with narrow walls that allow for a large capacity of 1540L of water in the spa. It is currently the largest hot tub in the Lay-Z-Spa category since it can fit 8 people with some room to spare and stands 201cm wide and 69cm tall. Its system has 86 air jets with a fast heating system that heat up to 40oC. The message jets offer a good relaxation while the soothing hot water originating from its heating system is controlled through an electronic panel.In addition, Monaco is built with strong high walls which offers the good quality product at a lesser value of money. It has drop-stitch material that allows it to have extra sturdy walls that are easily portable and inflated. It is quick and easy to set up within just ten minutes.

Key features

  • Quick and easy to install – Comes with a quick set up DVD.
  • No Tools – No tools needed to set up and install.
  • Size – 8 people can chill in this large inflatable hot tub.
  • Massage – Comes with the Lay-Z-Massage Jet System
  • Protection – Comes with an inflatable cover to help keep it warm when not in use.

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Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hot Tub

Hawaii hot tub is highly flexible since it can be moved around or put into long use. It is a roundup package of providing you with all the thrilling features of a traditional fixed hot tub. It comfortably accommodates 4 to 6 people acting as a good spot for bringing the family together. Hawaii hot tub comes with eight hydro jets that are adjustable and offers a relaxing massage with a simple touch button.

Also features rapid heating and a water filtration system that provides you with you would require in a hot tub. In addition, it has an in-built water treatment system which makes water soothing and gentle on your skin.The air jet nozzles give an excellent water flow with a tub for the refreshing and soothing experience. Hawaii hot tub also has a saltwater filtration system which is used to treat the water before it is released into the tub for use. This system provides water that smells, and looks great and is suitable for spending time in the spa. The spa also has a digital control panel that is integrated with an automatic starter and stop timer to monitor the water heating system It heats the water to a temperature of up 40oC.

Key features

  • A relaxing 120 AirJet massage System
  • Superior TriTech Material with an I-Beam construction
  • A water filtration system for clear water
  • Well built salty water filtration system

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub

The Palm spring hot tub is ideal for 4-6 people, it is smaller than the Monaco but if you are looking for a hot tub for adults and then 3-4 smaller children then this would be suitable and certainly an option. This hot tub is 196cm wide so slightly smaller, it maybe a little to small and tight for 6 adults.

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub has 120 jets, is easy to inflate and set up, it can also be easily drained and packed away in winter and brought out again next summer. This spa is ideal for families with parents and kids all getting in.

This inflatable hot tub can accommodate 4 to 6 people and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Its control panel has a new timer controlled system that allows you to set the heater to the desired schedule.

The Palm Spring has high walls that allow it to accommodate additional 100l+ water, leaving more space in the spa. The Palm Spring hot tub has 120 air jets and warms the water up to 40 degrees Celsius. It also has a no-fuss clip lid which enables it to maintain the water temperature when not in use. The hot tub has a unique wall Tritech construction technology to provide additional comfort, insulation, durability, and strength.Furthermore, its floor is cushioned with a convenient quick-drain system which allows you to empty in winter so that can deflate it or change the water.

It is easy to put up in ten minutes since the spa’s pump self-inflates the Jacuzzi. The digital pump that is easy to use allows you to control the pump enabling you to change and turn the pump on and off and change the temperatures. A chemical floater is included in the Palm Spring hot tub which keeps the water clean, a heavy-duty repair kit, a filter cartridge to help pump the water, and maintenance and a setup DVD.

Key features

  • 120 Air jet massage system
  • Easy to set up and install
  • One year warranty

Buying Advice

When it comes to buying a hot tub for 6 people consider who the 6 people will be, will they be all adults, or adults and kids, if you are looking for a hot tub for 6-8 adults then the Lay-Z-Spa Monaco is the way to go, however if you are looking for one that is more suitable for families then the Palm spa is a cheaper option.

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