Owning an inflatable hot tub offers many benefits, however, despite the fact that it is portable and inflatable it still has to run at its best for it work correctly and provide the benefits that come with it. One of the main accessories that make up part of the hot tub are is the filter as they ensure that the water in the tub is both clean and safe to use.

To ensure that they work as they should they have to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that any debris is removed along with dirt and bacteria. If the filter is not cleaned regularly then it increases the possibility of it harbouring harmful elements that could cause long term damage to the hot tub which can impact your health.

hot tub filter

Cleaning the filters also helps to keep costs down as it can save on having to purchase new filters. In order to clean the filters there are some required items such as a soft brush, a power washer, a bucket, chlorine bleach and a spare filter.

The process begins once all the necessary items have been assembled and it starts with turning off the power to the hot tub. Now locate the filter, in most instances it can be found located close to the sprayer on the inside of the tub. The dirty filer can be removed by lifting the cover and then pulling out the filter, quickly replacing it with the spare. Check the filter and look for any debris that may be lodged in there such as hair and remove it with the soft brush. To remove the risk of damaging the filter, carefully brush downwards along the seam of the filter and then spray the filter the pressure washer, spraying both the inside and outside until the water runs clear. Once this is done you are now ready to replace the spare filter with the original filter.

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