Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool

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If you have a young family and want to keep cool then the Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool is ideal, a simple inflatable pool that is ideal for toddlers and children.

In the hot weather and the kids playing outside this a great paddling pool for them, the total height is only 66cm and you will only have half that in water, making it perfect for children.

This pool is designed with 4 ‘seats’ with one in each corner, they have a slighted air inflated base, with a back that sticks out above the pool which you can see in the images. This makes it more comfortable to sit and relax in, although the water will only cover your lower legs and feet. Built into the side are two cup holders, one on each side, great for putting your favourite drink in, or water for the kids in the warm sun.

The size of the pool when inflated is  229.0cm wide,  by 229.0cm deep and a height of  66.0cm. The pool has a drain in the centre to quickly drain the water from the pool, it can also be deflated and packed away easily for next summer.

The pool can be filled up in less than 45 minutes with water, and then it is ready to use.

The Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool is great value and ideal for kids to enjoy and play in, in the summer. If you wanted something for adults then an inflatable hot tub is something to consider, but if you want something for your kids to play in then this is ideal.


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