Thinking of purchasing an inflatable hot tub this summer? If so I’m sure you have a few questions or concerns running through your mind, so here is out little round up of some of the most comment questions people have when it comes to inflatable jacuzzi’s.

Are they comfortable?
The base is inflated and some are also padded too, this makes it very comfortable to relax in, the jets are not too intense so it creates a very soothing experience. As you inflate the hot tub you can adjust the amount you enter in the base so that you can have it firmer or softer if required.

What temperature do they usually heat to?
Most inflatable hot tubs will heat to between 40-42 degrees, this is usually more than warm enough for most, and perfect for the summer. All inflatable hot tubs come with controls so that you can lower the temperature if you find that this is too warm.

The Lay-Z-Spa typically heats the hot tub to 40 degrees.

Are Inflatable spas suitable for children?
Inflatable hot tubs are great for kids, teenagers love them, if you have younger children, then these are great to paddle or play in with or without the jets on. Of course these are deeper than a paddling pool, however you can easily drain water out if you wish.

Is it easy to keep clean?
These hot tubs have an easy to wipe down material on the outside and inside,they are also easy to drain so that you can give them a good clean every so often. We have some great advice on How To Disinfect Your Inflatable Hot Tub here.

All inflatable hit tubs come with built in filters which are supposed to be changed regularly depending how often you use the hot tub. This helps remove any dead flies and hair etc that may have got into the spa.

All spas also come with a lid to protect the hot tub when not in use, preventing leaves from falling in and cats gaining access, they also help maintain the heat of the jacuzzi when it is not in use.

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