The Hydro Hammock Could be the Most relaxing Hot Tub Ever

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We love testing out inflatable hot tubs and love how eat they are to set up and can be suited anywhere in your garden, but how about a hammock, perfect for lounging around but just missing the nice warm water to relax in! Well the Hydro Hammock has the answer!

The Hydro Hammock Hot Tub!

hammock hot tub

Invented by Oregon-based Benjamin Frederick the Hydro Hammock has instant water heater allowing you to heat up your hammock wherever you are, be it in your garden or out of town by a beautiful relaxing river. The heating system currently runs on natural gas.

Hydro Hammock hot tub

The hammock looks like your traditional hammock and can hold up to 2 adults and will hold about 50 gallons of water. the entire Hydro Hammock system is designed to fit neatly into a large hard-shell carrying case, making it ideal to transport, the case it bulky, however the hard case gives protection for it and will fit into the boot of most cars.

Hydro Hammock

The single and double-wall versions of the Hydro Hammock are currently available for pre-order ready for shipping in April for $260 or $390, however that is just for the hammock sling itself only. For the hammock and heating system too it will cost you at least $920. Not cheap but it is certainly one hell of a relaxing gadget!

You can find out more and proper your Hydro Hammock here.

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