Whilst a hot tub can provide hours of fun, it is vital to keep hygiene at the top of your priority list. This is so you can remove the possibility of spreading germ or recreational water illnesses. Regardless of the size of your hot tub, cleanliness is paramount.

To ensure that the water is clean and properly treated it should be cleaned after each use and this should be done through disinfecting to ensure that any microorganisms present are killed off. Your hot tub will come with built in filters which will need changing, these help prevent dead flies and hair from building up and being pumped around your spa. These filters do need changing every couple of weeks, dependant on the manufacturers recommendation.

In order to clean your hot tub there are certain items required to carry out an efficient and thorough job. A large bucket, a hose, a soft brush or hose and chlorine-based liquid disinfectant will all help to get the job done.

The first stage is to drain the hot tub and this is vital because water that has remained in the tub for some time can cause recreational water illnesses. It may seem a waste and time consuming but ultimately it is worth it in the long run.

Once the water is drained it is time to fill the bucket with water and add the chlorine based disinfectant, following the instructions on the label. Dip a rag into the bucket and begin cleaning the interior of the tub, a soft brush can be used alongside it to ensure a thorough clean. The bottom of the tub can harbour some nasty germs so pay attention to this area. Once the inside has been cleaned, use hose to rinse the bath of all the remaining disinfectant.

Now it is time to let the tub dry out for several hours and after this time inspect that it is dry before storing it away. This type of cleaning should be carried out regularly and it is a good habit to get into as it keeps diseases at bay ensuring that all those who use it do not become ill.

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